The Difference Between Clothes and Fashion

As a personal stylist I spend many hours reviewing wardrobes. Given the fact that we only wear a shocking 20% of what we buy, frankly most of my clients waste money. The buzz of buying translates into the unworn, there is nothing remotely glamorous about this. I have improved since I learned the difference between “clothes” and “fashion” and now wear most of my wardrobe until it wears out.

“Fashion” is last season’s sleeveless jacket. Hugely expensive, but did you ever see anyone wearing this?? This is a non garment too cold to be a jacket, too edgy to be worn often by most in public. “Fashion” is also the here today, gone tomorrow looks that reinvigorate your wardrobe. Shoes are a fantastic “fashion” statement and so are bags. Fashion should be fun!

We all need regular “fashion” hits but we should not pay too much for them. Remember the 80:20 rule, and do not pay over the odds for something you will wear only for a season or not at all. Buy the diffusion ranges or the better high street brands and look to wear for 2 seasons only.

Sometimes we are all hit with a “I will die if I don’t have that” and these instincts should be followed for the sheer fun occasionally but if you let them dominate your wardrobe you will have nothing to wear.

“Clothes” are what you actually wear 90% of the time so spend money on them, buy the best you can afford and look to keep them. A great beautiful coat in your style and colours will last 10 years so buy a more expensive one. The “fashionable” coat will last 4 months so don’t pay too much have fun with it buy a great colour and look to replace it.

“Clothes” are your signature style. Last summer when smocks were in most of my clients bought them, these are now part of the vast unworn in your wardrobe, along with the sleeveless jacket etc. “Clothes” should be items that you love deeply that you will wear for ever. Jackets, jewellery, coats, cashmere should not be dull but beautiful in rich colours. Fit is everything, buy for how you are now, not I might lose some weight or I am fat so I will buy a bigger size this does not work. Buy beautifully cut garments that flatter whatever shape or size you are.

If grey is in and it does not suit you don’t buy it. In short, learn what suits your body, learn what style you are and buy clothes that fit you. Baggy clothes generally don’t flatter and make you look fatter than you are. Go spend your money on fantastic must-have shoes instead or a great piece of jewellery and when things are in the shops that you love, that make your heart sing, that really really suit you, buy them. These will form a great wardrobe for many seasons to come. Aim to be beautiful and fabulous and you will be!

A Shopping Marathon in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is almost second nature to tourists visiting the city, yet the consumer indulgence definitely climaxes during the Great Singapore Sale that is held annually, usually during the summer months. Singapore’s famous shopping malls and department stores and effervescent shopping districts participate with much gusto, they will extend their shopping hours till midnight and beyond on selected weekends. During this period, special privileges will be available that are created for tourists to enjoy the range of exclusive lifestyle promotions, including gourmet dining, wellness experience, nightlife & entertainment options.

Certain stores offer discounts up to 70 percent and special promotions for credit card holders and loyalty programs also get underway. For tourists that obtain the special Tourist Privilege card enjoy a host of benefits such as discounts at fashion boutiques and on various consumer items such as watches, jewellery, electronics and cosmetics. The card also avails you to discounts when visiting local attractions such as the Singapore Zoo and when getting guided tours such as the Singapore Duck tour or the DHL balloon.

It would be worth checking out the different shopping districts of Singapore during this 8 week shopping marathon. Orchard Road is definitely the Mecca of shopping in the city and has number of big names plying their wares in the numerous boutiques in the area. Designer brands like Prada, Gucci or Versace have their outlets in this trendy shopping district while more mainstream brands are also found. A number of food courts, restaurants, clubs and chic cafes can be found located in this area thereby providing the complete Singapore experience. Marina Bay is a mixture of big shopping malls and small boutiques, practically everything you would want to buy can be found here. It also houses the arts hub of Singapore: the Esplanade. Ethnically flavored areas such as Little India and Arab quarter also rise to the occasion during the Great Singapore Sale. Wonderful restaurants dishing out Indian or Middle East cuisine and boutiques that sell great souvenirs can be found here as well.

One word of advice for tourists planning to enjoy this festival of shopping is to pack light and take a comfortable pair of shoes. For you are bound to return with your bags heavier and undertake a fair bit of walking through the numerous shopping districts of the city. Visitors can easily find accommodation in the many Singapore hotels that range from budget to luxury to hotels. A luxury hotel in Singapore will be on par with the best in the world, thus travelers need not worry about the comfort of their stay.

Story of Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuitton Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton was born in France in 1821. At the age of 14 he travelled to Paris by foot. At the age of 16 he became developed a skill in luggage making. The way that Vuitton got taught would enable him to work in a business by himself and set the stage for when he later started the creation for one of the most desired brands in the world. Vuitton opened his own shop in 1854 in Paris.

Louis Vuitton which is commonly shortened to LV has been a French fashion house founded since 1854. The label LV is well known for its monogram and is featured on all their products, such as leather goods ready-to-wear shoes, watches, jewellery and many more. All of Louis Vuitton products are sold through small boutiques in high-ended department stores. It’s one of the leading international fashion houses in the world. The manufactures of LV since 19th century are still making the luggage by hand.

When Louis Vuitton first started he made large trunks and luggage, he also made handbags which were mostly made out of leather. In 1888 Louis came out with a new damier pattern which was a light brown checkerboard and dark brown boxes which was making it look like a classic and luxurious look. Soon after in 1896 Vuitton came out with the classic line, the monogram Canvas, which is a known icon of the LV brand today, it is the most popular to this day.

The line originally was created in the 12 classic styles; over time Vuitton decided that he wanted to add monogram canvas. In 1924 Vuitton had added the Keepall plus in three different sizes, then again in 1932 added the noe handbag.

Now that Louis Vuitton is selling all his goods at a high price, while the lower quality goods were rapidly available, we had to know that people were going to use this to trade in cash to this opportunity. LV is the most replicated designers, while some people say that it is the biggest compliment you could give someone. The replicas of sold Louis Vuitton bags are really common in the USA, If you live in a large city you may notice it yourself.

If you happen to notice a Louis Vuitton bag sold at a price which is cheap it is made from poor quality materials and are also sold for half the price a normal Vuitton bag is sold for.